Nearly four million animals are killed in U.S. shelters every year. In fact, shelter killing is the leading cause of death for healthy dogs and cats in the United States. For far too long, we have been led to believe there is no other way.

But there is hope. In the last several years, shelters and animal control facilities in numerous communities have implemented a series of programs and services that are achieving unprecedented life saving results.

These shelters are saving upwards of 95 percent of all impounded animals in open admission animal shelters.

This No Kill model of sheltering is working in four countries to save all healthy and treatable pets.

Not only are they saving lives, but they are
saving taxpayer money as well.

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Unfortunately, 3,000+ directors of shelters and animal control facilities in the United States still refuse to implement the successful No Kill model of sheltering.

Therefore, in order for No Kill success to be widespread and long lasting, we must institutionalize No Kill by passing legislation that protects shelter animals and mandates the programs and services that have been proven to save lives.

We must pass shelter reform legislation which mandates how a shelter must operate.

We must regulate animal shelters in the same way that we regulate hospitals and other agencies which hold the power over life and death.

The Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) is model legislation written by legislators, shelter directors, animal lawyers and shelter veterinarians to provide animals with maximum opportunities for lifesaving.
We must demand that our city, county and/or state legislators pass CAPA.

We must vote for the politicians who will represent our values when in office.

You can search this website to find the politicians that represent you.  Find out if they have voted for legislation that protects shelter animals.

Visit the links below to learn how to become an advocate for animals and learn how you can help elect politicians who will protect shelter pets:

* Visit the website for information on
advocacy and model shelter reform legislation.

*  Read Get Political for Animals and Win the Laws
They Need.

*  Influencing Public Policy in the Digital Age.

* Search the Alliance for Justice website for helpful
information on advocacy including the type of
organization that will be most useful for your
group i.e. 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) or PAC.  
Establishes that saving lives and public safety are compatible;

Protects all species of shelter animals;

Makes it illegal for a shelter to kill an animal if a rescue group or No Kill shelter is willing to save that animal;

Requires shelters to provide animals with fresh food, fresh water, environmental enrichment, regular exercise, veterinary care and cleanliness

Requires shelters to have fully functioning adoption programs including offsite adoptions, use of the internet to promote their animals, and ample adoption hours when the public is available;

Prohibits shelters from killing animals based on arbitrary criteria such as breed, color or age when alternatives to killing exist;

Requires animal control to allow volunteers to help with fostering, socializing, and assisting with adoptions;

Requires shelters to be truthful about how many animals they kill and adopt by making statistics public.

Click here to read the entire text of CAPA.
Our Mission:  To stop the needless killing of healthy and treatable pets in Texas animal shelters through legislation and political advocacy.

Use the power of your vote to protect shelter pets!

Join us!  No Kill advocates are needed in every city and county.
Find the laws in your city, county and state that affect shelter pets.

Learn how to make positive changes to legislation to protect shelter pets.

Find out who your elected officials are and learn how they feel about companion animal issues.

Learn what you can do to help elect candidates that will represent your values.

Learn the save rates of shelters and pounds in your city or county.

There are currently 8 Open Admission animal control facilities in Texas who have been saving 90% or more of all animals entering their doors.   Many times, an animal control facility services multiple cities & towns such as Williamson County, TX animal control. 

Cedar Park
Round Rock
Travis County
Williamson County


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